For some, pur­chas­ing art­work over the inter­net seems risky. And online images sel­dom show the detail and com­plex­ity of the colour and tex­ture to be found in the real arti­cle. It can also be dif­fi­cult to assess a paint­ing on your com­puter and know if it will look good in your home or busi­ness premises. Some­times it is pos­si­ble for Bee to bring a work out to your home or busi­ness for it to be assessed by you in situ.

It is impor­tant that buy­ers are happy with their paint­ing pur­chase — to this end all art­works sold, sight unseen, via the inter­net are able to be returned for a full refund of the cost of the paint­ing itself, pro­vided the paint­ing is returned safely, in a timely fash­ion and in orig­i­nal con­di­tion.

In addi­tion to the sale of paint­ings from the on-​line gallery, com­mis­sions are accepted for larger works. These can be dis­cussed with Bee direct. In most cir­cum­stances Bee will want to view the loca­tion planned for the paint­ing and dis­cuss size, shape and pos­si­ble palette to be used. Clients are then encour­aged to review the paint­ings on Bee’s web­site and pro­vide appro­pri­ate feed­back to Bee before the newly com­mis­sioned work is started.

To pur­chase an exist­ing art­work or to find out more about com­mis­sion­ing a new one, sim­ply con­tact Bee via email or phone.

Art­works can be pro­fes­sion­ally packed to go any­where in the world.
Quotes are pro­vided in advance.

Echoes of the Hydrabad 1878