“Water in some form or other features in virtually every canvas I paint . . . river water, lake water, sea water - all abstract water. I am also all about colour. I love colour and try to use it to capture the feelings or emotions behind these 'scapes - the essence of the seascapes and landscapes, real or imagined, rather than the actual detail.”Bee paints full-time - producing vibrant works in demand from galleries and buyers throughout the country. “Mostly I paint abstract seascapes and landscapes in oils and inks - on large canvases usually at least 1 metre square and often much larger. I work on several canvases at once, coming back to each one repeatedly to continue the layers over a period of weeks until each is complete.”

Bee's exhibits regularly and her work is displayed for sale on this website, on Facebook and in a number of galleries throughout New Zealand.  Bee also accepts commissions for larger works.



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